Who We Are

Who We Are

Kabbat Wood Studio – is a group of people loving equally both video production and music. We do love making music videos from your own ideas as well as generating our own. If you require creating your branding, naming, web page we’re happy to help because we do this as well.

As filmmakers, we started in 2017 working on commercials and YouTube projects. With time and experience, we realized that our passion is music video production. While being a crossroads of two forms of art – music and cinematography – the music video is a great way to ignite a great idea behind the music within a short film format. And this is our philosophy when making videos for musicians. Your budget doesn’t matter here – just idea and motivation.

As one of our team members has design and marketing experience, we are also helping young music artists to create their brand portrait. Realizing that at the very beginning of the artistic path there is no time for such a thing, we help with branding, naming services, and web page and logo developing as well.

Here, in Kabbat Wood Studio we do everything to be as flexible as possible for you. We can ignite your idea or create our own vision for your music video. We can work distantly or we can come to your location. Our approach is as personal as possible. Starting with video treatment and until the postproduction is finished, we stand by you listening to every suggestion of yours. Because at the end of the day, the only thing we love more than making music videos is making music videos that you love.

The only thing you need to do now is to hit that “Contact” button and tell us about your idea and we’ll start making a music video for you.