“Knock Knock”

Another overused love story, as it may seem from the first seconds of this video. But after a while, you may feel that there is some story balance both in music and storyline, and you can notice something hidden and dark. Of course, the ending puts an end to the story and reveals the main twist. We hope that after rewatch you will notice hidden details that will give you answers to the story or confuse you even more.

Giolì & Assia

The music video’s story doesn’t have to follow song lyrics. Very often they are just a glimpse of the fantasy that we want to share with viewers.That’s why we made this Giolì & Assia - Emptiness video and it’s not matching the lyrics most of the time. And that is completely ok. Because this is exactly what we wanted to share with you: the vibe, the feeling, and the rhythm of this song.

Rüfüs Du Sol

We were literally shocked when we found out that there is no music video for Underwater by RUFUS DU SOL. So KABBAT WOOD Studio decided to fix this unfortunate situation. We made a relaxing video where our RUFUS DU SOL fan is listening to the song while cruising through the night of the “underwater” forest. Join him in his trip in this unbelievably silent, deep dark, and desolated forest. We truly hope that we succeeded in recreating the vibe of the music as we became really engaged in this track while shooting this music video

Emitt Fenn

"Yellow" shooting had started in winter and was finished in the early autumn. Our goal was to bring the mood of the music and it's color - that was the main reason for almost-a-year production. The video opens with a cold and calm forest, and it resonates with the track's vibes. Afterward, you can watch how the forest is changing throughout the seasons, showing it's shy leaves following with summer's powerful green covering and culminating with Yellow autumn.

“Sleepless Nights“

"I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating — and it gets everywhere". This is not about our team. We've spent a whole day on the Baltic Sea coast in these chilly and windy autumn days. Enjoying great music, warm wine, and dearest people. Cristoph - Sleepless Nights (Original Mix) | Relaxing music video